Cattle Performance Enhancement Company

The Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center of Hays (ARCH) has been a leader in the development of ultrasound technology for evaluating meat characteristics of cattle. This has been Professor John Brethour's primary research focus since 1988. Much of his work was in the area of evaluating cattle upstream and projecting future carcass merit.

The software model predicts future carcass composition in the finished feeding phase of cattle production. Automated measurement of ultrasound images was invented so that cattle evaluation can proceed at rates over 100 head per hour. The ability to measure marbling in the live animal was discovered and computer vision techniques to automatically execute that were patented.

The advent of grade and yield marketing divulged the need to incorporate clustering procedures for precision marketing of cattle. This led to the development of an "ultrasonic cattle-sorting machine" that has been distributed across North America and has evaluated close to a million cattle.

Honoring John Brethour's legacy by advancing the use of his feedlot sorting program
through Honesty, Integrity and Enthusiam.